October 7, 2007
Crandon, Wisconsin
Off-duty police officer and deputy Tyler Peterson shoots 7 people during a homecoming party before killing himself

Peterson (20), who was a full time deputy and a part-time police officer, was attending a homecoming party with several current and graduate students of Crandon High School, including his 18-year-old former girlfriend. The exact motive for the shooting spree remains unclear but it is suspected an argument which broke out during the party was the cause.

Peterson shot 7 people at the party, whose ages ranged from 14 to 20, killing 6 including his former girlfriend. One of the victims was shot 3 times but survived by playing dead.

Following the murders, Peterson fled to a cabin approximately 8 miles away. Ten hours after the killings Peterson was also killed, originally thought by a police sniper. However, it was later revealed he killed himself with multiple gunshots, the third shot being fatal.

The victims killed were:

  • Jordanne Michele Murray, 18
  • Katrina Lee McCorkle, 18
  • Lianna Faye Thomas, 17
  • Bradley Steven Schultz, 20
  • Aaron Edward Smith, 20
  • Lindsey Lou Stahl, 14

Photo credit: Patrick Ferron

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