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Teen executed for murder of infant

October 7, 1892 Spartanburg, South Carolina Milbry Brown (15) is executed following a conviction for murdering an infant The infant was allegedly killed in its sleep by carbolic acid being poured down its throat. During trial, it was suggested that Brown, a black teen, took her frustrations from mistreatments out on the child. According to… Continue reading Teen executed for murder of infant

Massacres/Mass Murder · Wisconsin

Mass shooting at homecoming party

October 7, 2007 Crandon, Wisconsin Off-duty police officer and deputy Tyler Peterson shoots 7 people during a homecoming party before killing himself Peterson (20), who was a full time deputy and a part-time police officer, was attending a homecoming party with several current and graduate students of Crandon High School, including his 18-year-old former girlfriend.… Continue reading Mass shooting at homecoming party

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Edgar Allan Poe’s mysterious death

October 7, 1849 Baltimore, Maryland Edgar Allan Poe dies under mysterious circumstances Many speculation as to Poe's means of death are circulated even to this day. Some of the theories of his death include suicide, murder, various illnesses (cholera, Hypoglycemia, rabies, syphilis, or influenza) and cooling (a practice of electoral fraud by intimidating people to… Continue reading Edgar Allan Poe’s mysterious death

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Child shot as she roller skates into crossfire

From the Chicago Daily Tribune Published October 7, 1939 A 9-year-old girl was accidentally shot in the temple as she and two other girls roller skated through an area where robbers were shooting at their intended victims, two insurance salesmen. The young girl died 10 minutes later. Three weeks before the shooting, the girl's mother… Continue reading Child shot as she roller skates into crossfire