Crime Scene Photography · Illinois · Newspaper clippings

Potential suspect questioned for slaying of 3 boys

October 4, 1957
Chicago, Illinois
The Chicago Daily Tribune publishes an article about a potential suspect in the horrific deaths of 3 boys

The boys (pictured left to right: Robert “Bobby” Peterson, 14; John Schuessler, 13; Anton Schuessler, 11) went to a movie in 1955 and never returned. Their nude, mutilated bodies were found two days after their disappearance. Their bodies showed evidence of being restrained in a dirty environment, all had been strangled, Bobby had his head slashed 14 times, then their bodies were discarded in a pile in a ditch.

The trauma of losing his only children was too much for Anton Schuessler Sr., who told papers “When you get to the point that children can’t go to the movies in the afternoon and get home safely, something is wrong with the country.” He died of a heart attack at just 41-years-old a month after the killings.

Kenneth Hansen, who was 22 at the time of the murders, was arrested and tried for the murder of the boys in 1995, 4 decades after the crime. He appealed for a new trial in 2002, was granted it, and was convicted again. He died of natural causes in 2007 still proclaiming his innocence.

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