Executions · Oregon

Modoc chief hanged

October 3, 1873
Fort Klamath, Oregon
Kintpuash, chief of the Modoc tribe located in modern-day California and Oregon, is hanged with 3 other tribe leaders for killing a General and a minister during a conference

Kintpuash, known by settlers as Captain Jack, had been advised to kill the Army’s “leader,” General Edward Canby, in hopes the Army would leave the area. Kintpuash preferred peaceful means to have the Army leave the territory, but while negotiating during a peace commission, one of his opponents tossed a Modoc woman’s hat at him as an insult to Kintpuash’s masculinity.

On April 11, 1873, Kintpuash and several other Modoc tribesmen drew guns at a predesignated signal, killing Gen. Canby and a minister, and wounding 2 others.

Kintpuash later surrendered, was tried in court, and sentenced to death. Reportedly, he faced his execution in good spirits, telling a minister overseeing his execution he would give the minister all his horses if the holy man would take his place for the day.

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