October 3, 1972
New York
Arthur Shawcross is arrested for the murders of 2 children

Shawcross had brutally murdered 2 children, but during a plea deal his charge for the death of John Blake was dropped and his charge for the death of Karen Ann Hill was reduced from first degree murder to manslaughter. He was sentenced to 25 years but paroled after 15. Released in April 1989, he began killing again almost immediately beginning in June 1989. His victim profile moved from children to adult women, primarily prostitutes. He was arrested again January 5, 1990. He pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, was convicted, and died in prison on November 10, 2008.

Shawcross’s victims were as follows:

John Blake (10)
Killed April 7, 1972
Beaten to death and sexually assaulted

Karen Ann Hill (8)
Killed September 1972
Raped and strangled with grass shoved in her nose and mouth

Dorothy Blackburn (27)
Killed March 15, 1988
Strangled, genitals had deep bite mark

Anna Steffen (27)
Killed circa July 8, 1989
Punched then drowned after she allegedly insulted Shawcross for failing to achieve an errection

Dorothy Keeler (59)
Killed circa July 29, 1989
Claims Keller threatened to tell other women (Shawcross’s wife and his mistress) she and Shawcross were having a romantic affair so he struck her against the head with a log, killing her instantly. Shawcross returned months later to remove her skull and discard it in a nearby river. Her skull was never recovered

Patricia “Crazy Patty” Ives (25)
Killed September 29, 1989
Shawcross claims he saw her try to take his wallet while they were engaged in sex, so he forced her against the ground, anally raped her, and strangled her

Frances Brown (32)
Killed October 1989
Shawcross claims to have choked her with his penis during oral sex before having sex with her body

June Stotts (30)
Killed circa October 23, 1989
Shawcross claims he and Stotts (a family friend who had a mild mental disability) engaged in consensual sex, after which Stotts began screaming when Shawcross mentioned she was no longer a virgin. He claims to have put his hand over her mouth to quiet her but accidentally suffocated her in the process. He then cut her open to expedite decomposition and claimed he removed her vagina and some internal organs to eat them

Maria Welch (22)
Killed circa November 5, 1989
Strangled during sexual intercourse when Shawcross became furious upon discovering Welch was menstruating

Kimberly Logan (30)
Killed November 1989
Logan’s nude body was found beaten near Shawcross’s territory, though he never confessed to her murder

Elizabeth Gibson (age unknown)
Killed November 1989
Strangled. She struggled so hard she broke Shawcross’s gearshift. Allegedly she attempted to steal his wallet during oral sex

Darlene Trippi (32)
Killed circa December 15, 1989
Strangled when she allegedly became frustrated Shawcross could not achieve an erection

June Cicero (34)
Killed December 1989
Strangled during sex, her body dumped off a bridge. Shawcross returned two days later to cut her vagina from her frozen body to eat

Felicia Stevens (19)
Killed circa December 26, 1989
Shawcross’s only black victim, she was also his last. Strangled and dumped near Cicero

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