September 28, 1953
Lenexa, Kansas
Bobby Greenlease is kidnaped and murdered by Carl Hall and Bonnie Heady

Bobby was the 6-year-old son of multi-millionaire car dealer Robert Greenlease, Sr. Bobby was targeted because his older adoptive brother attends school with Hall, and Hall had planned on exploiting the family for years.

Heady visited Bobby’s school and convinced a nun she was his aunt. Heady stated that Bobby, a trusting boy, took Heady’s hand and did everything he was instructed to as she took him from his school.

Heady and Hall took Bobby across state lines from Missouri to Kansas where Hall shot him in the head with a revolver. Bobby was then buried in Heady’s backyard.

After Bobby’s murder, a ransom note was sent to the Greenleases, demanding $600,000 (approximately $5.5 million today). The ransom was paid and the police and FBI held back by Robert Greenlease.

Heady and Hall fled with the money but were soon noticed by police in St. Louis spending large amounts of money. They were arrested, tried, and pleaded guilty. Hall and Heady were executed together in the gas chamber on December 18, 1953.

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