September 27, 1969
Lake Berryessa, Napa County, California
The Zodiac Killer stabs Bryan Hartnell (20) and Cecelia Shepard (22) before writing a note on Hartnell’s car door

Hartnell and Shepard had been picnicking at the lack when a man wearing an executioner-style hood with clip-on sunglasses over the eye holes and a bib with white circle and cross design the Zodiac Killer used as his signature. He instructed Shepard to tie Hartnell up, though he re-tied the restraints when he noticed the bindings were loosely tied. He then stabbed both repeatedly.

The Killer wrote his signature circle and cross design and the dates of two previous murders as well as the current date on Hartnell’s door before calling authorities from a pay phone to report the attack. The victims were found still alive, though Shepard died of her injuries 2 days later. Hartnell survived the attack.

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