September 27, 2001
Zug, Switzerland
Friedrich Leibacher, believing a plot was against him from his parliament, brings several legally-purchased guns and a home-made bomb to the parliament, shooting at politicians and journalists, killing 14 and wounding 18 before killing himself

Leibacher had a reputation for bringing forth a large number of lawsuits which were dismissed, leading him to believe he was being persecuted against.

Armed with a SIG SG 550 (a Swiss assault rifle, SG is an abbreviation of “Sturmgewehr” which translates to “assault rifle”), a SIG Sauer P230 (a semi-automatic handgun), a Smith & Wesson Model 19 (a revolver that uses a .357 Magnum cartridge), and a Remington Model 870 (a pump action shotgun), Leibacher entered the parliament, fired 91 rounds at those gathered, ignited the bomb, then committed suicide.

A suicide left behind was titled “Tag des Zornes für die Zuger Mafia” (Day of Wrath for the Zug Mafia). The massacre was the first mass shooting in Switzerland’s history, and prompted new regulations to be set for those who purchase firearms; when acquiring a weapons license, the applicant is reviewed closely to determine if he or she has any signs of a paranoid personality disorder or Gehirnschwäche (literally “brain weakness”).

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