September 26, 1999
Rogers, Arkansas
Jesse Dirkhising (13) is raped for several hours before being killed by positional asphyxiation and being drugged

Dirkhising had been spending the weekends with two gay men, Davis Carpenter (38) and Joshua Brown (22) for months before his death. According to Carpenter and Davis, Dirkhising had been a willing participant in various sexual encounters; due to Dirkhising’s age, though, he legally could not consent to such activities.

On September 26, police were informed of Dirkhising’s death. They found he had been tied to a mattress, his ankles, knees, and wrists bound with belts and tape. He had been gagged with a pair of his own underwear which was secured with duct tape and a bandana. Brown confessed the men had used a urine enema laced with a sedative before the attack.

During the several-hour long rape, Dirkhising was sodomized by Brown and with various objects such as a frozen banana and a sausage. Brown and Carpenter left briefly to eat and when Brown returned, found Dirkhising was not breathing. The men attempted to resuscitate the teen and called 911. Dirkhising later died in the hospital as a result of positional asphyxiation, the inability to breathe correctly due to a person’s positioning.

Both men were charged with capital murder and 6 counts of rape. Brown was found guilty of first-degree murder and rape and sentenced to life in prison. Carpenter pleaded guilty to murder and was also sentenced to life in prison.

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