Famous Last Words
Harry Thorne
September 26, 1912

“I have nothing to say, sheriff. All I ask is that you get it over with as quickly as possible and please don’t blindfold fold me.”

Thorne, whose real name has been lost to time, was only 18 when he was executed by a firing squad for the robbery and murder of a grocery clerk.

Thorne seemed interested in how the condemned before him met their fate, asking “well, did he die like a man?” of two prisoners.

Shortly before his execution, Thorne informed the warden of his true name as well as his mother’s name and address, requesting she be notified of his death. The warden did contact Thorne’s mother, who was “in no position to dispose of the body,” so his corpse was delivered to a physician instead. The warden didn’t record any of Thorne’s information, however, leaving him only known by his alias.

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