Teen drugged, raped, and killed

September 26, 1999 Rogers, Arkansas Jesse Dirkhising (13) is raped for several hours before being killed by positional asphyxiation and being drugged Dirkhising had been spending the weekends with two gay men, Davis Carpenter (38) and Joshua Brown (22) for months before his death. According to Carpenter and Davis, Dirkhising had been a willing participant… Continue reading Teen drugged, raped, and killed


Segway owner dies because of his Segway

September 26, 2010 West Yorkshire, England Jimi Heselden, owner of Segway, dies after riding his Segway off a cliff The accident was witnesses by a man walking his dog. It was theorized by the coroner that Heselden was being polite, allowing the other man to continue along the narrow walkway. Heselden reversed his Segway to… Continue reading Segway owner dies because of his Segway