From the Chicago Daily Tribune
Published September 25, 1875
Bellefontaine, Ohio

A man, named only by his surname Schnell, was convicted of the murder of a young woman at the testimony of his wife. Mrs. Schnell claimed her husband took a young woman, Miss Laughlin, to the woods, attempted to ravish (rape) her but was unable to do so, stabbed her more than a dozen times, slit her throat, then kicked in her skull with the heel of his boot. 

An angry mob descended on his jailhouse, forcibly removed Schnell while the sheriff’s posse guarding the jail did not resist the mob, and lynched Schnell, hanging him from a tree. 

Unfortunately, it seems the mob mentality was what Mrs. Schnell had hoped for. The October 9, 1875 issue of the Sacramento Daily Union states that, one the anger-blinded mob calmed down following Mr. Schnell’s death, they realized some evidence did not add up. It was determined Mrs. Schnell had killed Miss Laughlin out of jealousy, framed her husband, testified he “confessed” to her, and indirectly murdered her husband as well. 

I could find no further information revealing Mrs. Schnell’s fate.

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