September 23, 1935
Cleveland, Ohio
Edward Andrassy and an unidentified male are found decapitated and emasculated near Jackass Hill

The headless, emasculated bodies of Andrassy and a still unidentified male were discovered roughly 30 feet from each other. Though both bodies had been found the same day, they had been murdered at separate times: Andrassy was suspected to have been murdered 2-3 days before the discovery of his body while the other man was thought to have been killed 3-4 weeks before.

Andrassy and the other man both had their heads and genitals removed, but the unidentified man also had a chemical treatment put on his skin which turned it red and leathery. The victims’ heads were presumably removed to prevent identification. However, Andrassy had a criminal record and was identified by his fingerprints. His severed head was later recovered. The identity of the Cleveland Torso Murderer was never found.

The severed head of Andrassy

2 thoughts on “The first two victims of the Cleveland Torso Murderer found (graphic)

  1. did movies desensitize us from seeing images such as these? why do I think the severed head look so much like a movie prop? It’s so freaking scary how movies are so spot on with their props :/ its way too close to real life. It makes me second guess what I’m watching.


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