September 22, 2006
Pocatello, Idaho
Two teens stab a fellow student, Cassie Jo Stoddart, to death

Stoddard (16) was targeted by 2 of her friends and fellow students, both of whom were also 16. They videoed themselves talking about their murder plans the day before the murder as well as their reactions directly afterwards. Their apparent motive for the murder was fame.

On the evening of September 22, the murderers visited Stoddard and her boyfriend as she was house-sitting for her relatives. The boys left, saying they were going to watch a movie. However, the boys stayed behind and waited until Stoddard’s boyfriend left. Originally, they had intended to kill the boyfriend as well, saying in one of their recordings shortly before the murder that they were to kill 2 of their friends. They then broke into the house and stabbed Stoddard 29 times and recorded themselves directly after the murder. Their video evidence directly contributed to their arrest and subsequent convictions. Both were sentenced to a mandatory life sentence with no possibility of parole for first-degree murder, and 30 years to life for conspiracy to commit murder.

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