September 21, 1891
Louisville, Kentucky
Negaunee, Michigan
St. Paul, New Brunswick, Canada
Scranton, Pennsylvania

* a young woman who appears to be blessed with the stigmata, wounds similar to those Jesus suffered during crucifixion, though a Bishop disregards the claims as “foolishness.”

* a young girl (age not mentioned) is found in a Michigan mine. Though the newspaper expected “sensational” discoveries to surface during the investigation, any information obtained has been lost to time.

* a young boy in St John, New Brunswick accidentally inhales a whistle which was a prize in a popcorn package. His surgery is unsuccessful and he is expected to die. (With no last name, I was unable to find the boy’s fate.)

* a man assists his wife with her suicide by Paris green, a green toxic powder used in rodent and insect killers

Published in the Chicago Daily Tribune, September 22, 1891

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