Newspaper clippings · Utah

Hostage situation in the maternity ward

September 20, 1991 Sandy, Utah Angry over his wife allegedly being sterilized without consent, Richard Worthington enters a hospital and takes several hostages Worthington, armed with dynamite, a shotgun, and a handgun, entered the Alta View Hospital seeking Dr. Glade Curtis. He alleged that Dr. Curtis had tied Mrs. Worthington's Fallopian tubes without the consent… Continue reading Hostage situation in the maternity ward

Illinois · New Mexico · Newspaper clippings

Three unfortunate tales

Published in the Chicago Tribune September 20, 1936 Chicago, Illinois Crown Point, New Mexico A father strangled and bludgeoned his 15-year-old daughter while excessively drunk, drank a pint of whiskey next to her body, tried to hang himself, then turned himself in to police requesting to be executed in the electric chair. Also accompanying the… Continue reading Three unfortunate tales