September 19, 2010
Lörach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Sabine Radmacher kills her son, her ex-partner, and a nurse, and injures 18 others directly or indirectly before she is shot and killed by police

It’s not clear why Radmacher began the attack, but it is suspected it was brought about by a possible argument over the custody of her 5-year-old son. On September 19, Radmacher rendered her son unconscious before smothering him with a bag then shot the boy’s father in the head and neck. She placed the two side-by-side in bed and set fire to her apartment which later caused an explosion.

Radmacher with her son, whose name was not released by the German media

Radmacher then went to the nearby hospital, shooting at those she encountered: one was shot in the back and another was grazed by a bullet; both survived. Inside the hospital, Radmacher shot and stabbed an orderly, killing him instantly. A police officer who happened to be at the hospital tried to subdue Radmacher but was seriously injured in the process. Radmacher also shot at officers arriving at the scene. She was shot 17 times by police. Forty minutes had passed from the time of the explosion to Radmacher’s death. Eighteen people were wounded in the incident, either directly by Radmacher or by the explosion.

Aftermath of the explosion created after Radmacher set her flat on fire

The hospital where the attack continued after Radmacher killed her ex-partner and son

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