September 18, 1959
San Quentin, California
Serial killer Harvey Murray Glatman is executed in the gas chamber

Glatman, known as the “Glamour Girl Slayer,” would contact women with promises of modeling jobs for pulp fiction magazines. These magazines would often feature women in a damsel-in-distress motif, often bound and vulnerable-looking. Glatman would tie up the victims and take their pictures, then rape them by gunpoint and strangle them.

Glatman’s would-be fourth victim Loraine Vigil was told at gunpoint to strip naked. She refused, so Glatman shot her thigh. Vigil grabbed the pistol and a struggle ensued until a passing police officer noticed the incident. Glatman confessed to the murders soon after he was in police custody.

Left to right: Shirley Ann Bridgeford (24), Ruth Rita Mercado (24), Judy Ann Dull (19)

Judy Ann Dull, Glatman’s first known victim, murdered July 30, 1957

Shirley Ann Bridgeford, murdered April 8, 1958

Ruth Rita Mercado, murdered July 23, 1958

The discovery of a victim, most likely Shirley Ann Bridgeford

Harvey Murray Glatman

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