New York

Attempted rape leads to murder (1902)

September 18, 1902 New York City, New York  Anna Pulitzer is drugged, stabbed, and thrown into a canal Pulitzer had been arrested on several occasions for solicitation of prostitution. She met with William Hooper Young who brought her to his room. He did not have the money to pay her for her services; instead he… Continue reading Attempted rape leads to murder (1902)

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Glamour Girl Slayer executed

September 18, 1959 San Quentin, California Serial killer Harvey Murray Glatman is executed in the gas chamber Glatman, known as the "Glamour Girl Slayer," would contact women with promises of modeling jobs for pulp fiction magazines. These magazines would often feature women in a damsel-in-distress motif, often bound and vulnerable-looking. Glatman would tie up the… Continue reading Glamour Girl Slayer executed

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Sabra and Shatila massacre

September 18, 1982 Beirut, Lebanon A three-day massacre ends with casualties reported between 460 and 3,500 (sources vary) A militia under the Kataeb Party (also known as the Phalange), a right-wing radical Christian Democratic political party, were ordered to clear a path for the Israeli Defense Forces through the neighborhood of Sabra and the Shatila… Continue reading Sabra and Shatila massacre