September 17, 1893
New Orleans, Louisiana
Three men are lynched and another two are flogged because they were related to an accused murderer

The 3 lynched and hanged men were brothers of Roselius Julian who was accused of murdering Judge Victor Estopinal the week before. Roselius had been on trial for beating his wife and, during his trial, he shot the Judge twice in the back after the Judge allegedly insulted Roselius’ wife.

The Judge turned and charged at Roselius only to be shot a third time. Roselius’ wife walked in as he stood over the Judge firing a fourth shot into the Judge’s heart. Roselius escaped the scene and was never found. A mob bent on vigilante justice searched the swamps hoping to find him and burn him alive, and when he could not be found they turned their attention to his family.

The other 3 Julian brothers had been arrested on suspicion of being accessories to the murder. Two of their cousins were also in jail for an undisclosed crime that may or may not have been associated with the Judge’s murder.

In the late night of September 16 or the early hours of September 17, the brothers were pulled from their cells by a lynch mob. Two were hanged in a grove while the third was hanged in Camp Parapet. Their cousins were stripped naked, flogged with blacksnake whips until their backs were bloody, and released into the woods with a threat to leave the parish in 20 minutes. I could find no evidence of any of the lynch mob being arrested for the murders.

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