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Family lynched in place of runaway murderer

September 17, 1893 New Orleans, Louisiana Three men are lynched and another two are flogged because they were related to an accused murderer The 3 lynched and hanged men were brothers of Roselius Julian who was accused of murdering Judge Victor Estopinal the week before. Roselius had been on trial for beating his wife and,… Continue reading Family lynched in place of runaway murderer

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First airplane cash fatality

September 17, 1908 Fort Myer, Virginia Thomas Selfridge, a first lieutenant in the U.S. Army, becomes the first airplane fatality at the age of 26 Orville Wright had taken Lt. Selfridge on a flight in the Wright Flyer and had successfully made four circuits today around Fort Myer. Halfway through the fifth circuit, the aircraft's… Continue reading First airplane cash fatality