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Dancer’s neck broken by scarf

September 14, 1927 Nice, France Isadora Duncan has her neck broken after her scarf becomes entangled in her vehicle's wheel spokes Duncan, world renowned for her dancing in her earlier years and for her scandalous love/life and public drunkenness in her later years, had been riding in an open car with a luxurious hand-painted silk… Continue reading Dancer’s neck broken by scarf

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Autopsy photo of Valentine Botelin

September 14, 1904 Paris, France The body of Valentine Botelin is examined during her autopsy Mme Botelin was found dead in the streets of Paris, with an obvious head injury. During autopsy she was cleaned and three distinct bullet holes could be seen. Her case appears to be unsolved. A caption accompanying her photograph, from… Continue reading Autopsy photo of Valentine Botelin

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Enoch Davis meets his execution with vulgarity

September 14, 1894 Lehi Junction, Utah Wife-murderer Enoch Davis is executed by firing squad Davis was executed to the June 5, 1892 murder of his wife after allegedly discovering her "in the act of criminal intimacy" with a man named Dr. Butler and, in anger, grabbed his revolver to shoot the doctor but missed and… Continue reading Enoch Davis meets his execution with vulgarity