September 12, 1952
Flatwoods, West Virginia
The Flatwoods Monster is sighted for the first time

Shortly before dark on September 12, a group of boys spotted what they said was a fiery UFO shooting through the sky which crashed into a nearby hilltop. The boys raced to the hilltop and met a large creature (witness accounts claim the Monster to be anywhere between 6 and 10 feet tall) with non-human orange-green eyes, long claw-like “toy” hands, and a spade-like cowl, and glided rather than walked towards the boys. The boys, frightened by the sight, fled and returned the following day where “skid marks” were found in the area.

Nearly half a century later, Joe Nickell of the Committee of Skeptical Inquiry concluded a series of events led to the “Monster” being witnessed. A meteor had been seen over three states that night and had crashed relatively close to Flatwoods, which Nickell believes was the fiery UFO the boys saw. He also believes a hazard beacon produced the pulsating red light the witnesses saw, and the distortion of light and shadow from the beacon made an owl, whose features and gliding strongly resemble the witnesses accounts, appear to be larger than it was and twist its appearance. Other explanations include a “man-shaped cloud” of vapor rising from the meteor crash site and ubiquitous “covert military operations” theory.

Kathleen May, who witnessed the event with her 2 sons and 2 of their friends, with an artist’s rendering of the Monster, live on the nation television program “We The People”

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