September 12, 1996
Hollywood, Florida
Ricardo López mails a letter bomb to singer Björk then commits suicide on video

In the 3 years leading up to his suicide, López had become obsessed with Icelandic singer Björk, recording various videos of himself documenting “my life, my art, and my plan.” López left behind 11 two-hour video diaries.

López became upset when Björk started dating fellow musician Goldie, angry at the perceived betrayal as well as the fact that Goldie is a black man. He designed a letter bomb with sulphuric acid with the intent to maim or kill Björk and decided to kill himself as well so the two be united in Heaven.

He began a final video diary entry and, while nude and playing Björk music in the background, shaved his head and painted it with green and red greasepaint. With a sign behind him reading “The Best of Me,” López placed a .38 caliber in his mouth and killed himself. Police suspect the sign was meant to be splattered in López’s blood, skull fragments, and brain matter, but due to the small caliber bullet no such gore was left in the sign.

López’s body was discovered 4 days later when blood and a strong odor was found coming from his apartment. After police watched the video evidence left at the scene, they contacted Scotland Yard to inform them of the letter bomb that was still en route. Authorities were able to intercept the bomb and safely detonate it. It was also revealed that, a few days before López’s suicide and mailing of the bomb, Björk and Goldie had ended their relationship.

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