Björk’s stalker kills self

September 12, 1996 Hollywood, Florida Ricardo López mails a letter bomb to singer Björk then commits suicide on video In the 3 years leading up to his suicide, López had become obsessed with Icelandic singer Björk, recording various videos of himself documenting "my life, my art, and my plan." López left behind 11 two-hour video… Continue reading Björk’s stalker kills self

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Newborn left in trash can (1956)

Published in the Chicago Daily Tribune September 12, 1956 A 1-hour-old infant was found abandoned in a garbage can by a ragpicker (a person who salvaged materials such as scraps of clothing and broken glass, and was a regulated occupation similar to street sweepers). Though she was suffering from exposure, she was able to be… Continue reading Newborn left in trash can (1956)