September 11, 1995
Redland, Florida
Jimmy Ryse (pictured) is kidnapped at gunpoint, raped, shot, and dismembered

9-year-old Ryse had just gotten off his school bus with around 10 other fellow students, roughly a block from his home. Juan Carlos Chavez (28), according to his confession to police, blocked Ryse’s path then forced the boy into his truck at gunpoint. Chavez drove Ryse to his trailer and raped him. About 4 hours later, Ryse heard a helicopter overhead and attempted to flee the trailer, and Chavez shot him in the back. Chavez also claimed to have held the boy after the shooting until he took his last breath. Chavez then decapitated and dismembered Ryse’s body and hid the body parts in planters around his property.

Chavez’s landlord discovered Ryse’s backpack, which also contained the murder weapon, about three months after the boy’s murder. Shortly after, Ryse’s body was found as well. Chavez was convicted for murder and executed by lethal injection February 16, 2014.

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