September 10, 1977
Santa Clara, California
The nude body of Mary Quigley is found tied by the neck to a chainlink fence

Quigley (17) had last been seen alive at a party on September 9. Sometime during the night she was attacked, stripped nude save her shoes and socks, raped, and hanged from the fence. Debris found on her body indicate she had been dragged to the fence. A sash from her jacket was used to fasten her neck to the chainlink.

After 3 decades, on December 27, 2006, DNA evidence from the scene was linked to a man convicted of a separate rape. Richard Archibeque had been schoolmates with Quigley but had difficulty fitting in at school. Another classmate recounted Archibeque removing his glass eye in class to play with it. Archibeque was found guilty of Quigley’s murder and sentenced to 7 years to life in prison.

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