September 10, 1897
Lattimer mines, Hazelton, Pennsylvania
A sheriff’s posse fires on a group of 300-400 unarmed coal mine protestors, killing 19

The group of miners, largely comprised of immigrants from Lithuania, Germany, Slovakia, and Poland, were striking the coal mine which employed them. The mine was paying their workers lower than average for the industry which prompted the strike.

The day of September 10, the strikers marched to one of the mines still operating where they were met with law enforcement who had bragged to each other earlier in the day regarding how many protestors they were going to kill. After a brief confrontation, the sheriff and deputies opened fire on the strikers, killing 19 and wounding as many as 49. Examinations of the bodies showed most of the victims had been shot in the back.

The sheriff and 73 deputies were arrested and brought to trial, but despite the fact all protestors were unarmed and most were shot while fleeing, all involved were acquitted.

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