Massacres/Mass Murder · Pennsylvania

Lattimer Massacre

September 10, 1897 Lattimer mines, Hazelton, Pennsylvania A sheriff's posse fires on a group of 300-400 unarmed coal mine protestors, killing 19 The group of miners, largely comprised of immigrants from Lithuania, Germany, Slovakia, and Poland, were striking the coal mine which employed them. The mine was paying their workers lower than average for the… Continue reading Lattimer Massacre

Crime Scene Photography · Ohio · Serial Killers

Torso Murderer’s sixth victim is found (graphic)

September 10, 1936 Cleveland, Ohio The legs and torso of the 6th victim of the Cleveland Torso Murderer is found The victim, whose torso and legs were the only pieces found, was never identified. He was the sixth victim, and the fifth male victim, killed by the Cleveland Torso Murderer whose 12 victims were found… Continue reading Torso Murderer’s sixth victim is found (graphic)

Executions · France

France’s last execution by guillotine

September 10, 1977 Marseille, France Hamida Djandoubi becomes the last person executed by guillotine and the last person to be executed in Western Europe Djandoubi was convicted of the murder of a 21-year-old woman who had filed a complaint stating Djandoubi has tried to force her into prostitution. On July 3, 1974, he kidnapped the… Continue reading France’s last execution by guillotine