September 9, 2010
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Yvonne Hiller shoots at her co-workers, killing 2 and injuring another, because she believed they were poisoning her

Hiller, who suffers from mental illnesses she claims are a result of years of “chemical abuse,” alleged her coworkers were spraying her, her car, and her house with chemicals and deer urine.

Her coworkers submitted a complaint that Hiller was displaying threatening behaviors leading her supervisors to suspend her. She was escorted to the parking lot where she retrieved her .357 magnum from her vehicle, returned to the Kraft Foods factory gates, forced the unarmed security workers to let her back in the building, and found four coworkers in the break room. She told one employee, towards whom she held no ill-will, to leave, then shot the other 3. Two were shot in the head and killed, another was shot in the neck but was able to recover from his wounds.

Hiller then walked through the building shooting at employees but missed. Another employee, identified by his first name, Dave, followed her through the building, warning other employees of the danger while talking to police on his cell phone. Hiller attempted to shoot Dave but fortunately missed. Dave’s calls greatly assisted police in locating Hiller in the large and winding factory, reducing the time she was free to continue her attack.

The SWAT team was able to take her into custody without further incident; when she was found, Hiller’s gun was empty though she had addition ammunition which she did not reload.

Hiller is currently serving two consecutive life sentences without parole.

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