Famous Last Words
John Ross
Baltimore, Maryland
September 9, 1887

“Gentlemen, one and all, I am about to die for a crime of which I am guilty and I am perfectly willing to go. I have nothing to regret, but I am sorry that I, John Thomas Ross, have to pay it all. As Marshall Frey knows, there are others who are as much guilty as I am. I am glad I have been brought to this and I am thankful to God for bringing me here. I have no hard feelings against anyone. one. Had not God stopped me in my bad career I might never have gotten here. I am going where there is no trouble or sighing and where I will have rest forever. Let me go. Lord Jesus, remember me.”

Ross was executed for killing an elderly woman in an attempt to sell her body to the Maryland University of Medicine for $15 (roughly $365 today).

Clipping from the Chicago Tribune
Published September 10, 1887

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