September 8, 2009
New Haven, Connecticut
Annie Le, a Yale School of Medicine doctoral student, is killed and stuffed into a wall

Le was seen by security cameras entering the labs shortly after 10am on September 8. When she did not return home by 9pm, one of her roommates called police. During investigations, police discovered the security footage of her entering the building but no such footage existed of her leaving. Because of this, police secured the entire building to find her as well as searched the dump servicing the school.

On September 15, the day Le was supposed to be married, her body was found stuffed upside down in a wall in a basement laboratory. According to her autopsy, she had died of “traumatic asphyxia due to neck compression.” Because the area required a key card to access, the suspect pool was greatly narrowed. Attention quickly turned to Raymond Clark III who had access to the labs and had scratch marks on his chest.

Clark was arrested and tried, first entering a not guilty plea, though he changed his plea to guilty in exchange for a 44 year sentence. Though he expressed remorse, he never gave a motive for the murder.

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