England · Newspaper clippings · Serial Killers

Jack the Ripper’s second victim

September 8, 1888 Spitalfields, London, England Annie Chapman becomes Jack the Ripper's second victim Chapman had been married to a man named John. The pair had 3 children, though by the time the couple separated one had died of meningitis shortly after turning 12, one was traveling with a circus, and one who had been… Continue reading Jack the Ripper’s second victim

Poland · Political

Burns self in protest 

September 8, 1968  Warsaw, People's Republic of Poland  Ryszard Siwiec sets himself on fire in protest of the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia  Siwiec had prepared his self-immolation months in advance and chose a festival to carry out his plan hoping as many people as possible would witness it, as many as 100,000 including journalists… Continue reading Burns self in protest 

Peru · Religion

Mummified child found 550 years after death

September 8, 1995 Arequipa, Peru The mummified body of a young girl sacrificed to Incan gods is discovered The girl, nicknamed Momia Juanita ("mummy Juanita"), the Inca Ice Maiden, and Lady of Ampato, is approximated to have been 12-15 years old at the time of her death, and killed between 1450 and 1480. Due to… Continue reading Mummified child found 550 years after death


Med student murdered, stuffed in lab wall

September 8, 2009 New Haven, Connecticut Annie Le, a Yale School of Medicine doctoral student, is killed and stuffed into a wall Le was seen by security cameras entering the labs shortly after 10am on September 8. When she did not return home by 9pm, one of her roommates called police. During investigations, police discovered… Continue reading Med student murdered, stuffed in lab wall