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Mountain Meadows Massacre

September 7, 1857 Mountain Meadows, Utah Territory (present day: Washington County, Utah) A 5-day siege begins between emigrants traveling to California, and the Utah Territorial Militia and Paiute Native Americans, ending in the deaths of all emigrants older than 7 The Militia had been composed of Mormon settlers (members of the Church of Latter Day… Continue reading Mountain Meadows Massacre

Fictional history

Fictional History: Back to the Future Part III

September 7, 1885 Hill Valley, California Clint Eastwood perishes after stealing a train for a "science experiment" Eastwood was accompanied by his friend, a scientist named Emmett Brown. The pair robbed a train, literally they took possession of the train itself, and, after a series of explosions, sent the vehicle careening from an unfinished bridge… Continue reading Fictional History: Back to the Future Part III