New York · Political

Assassination of William McKinley

September 6, 1901 Buffalo, New York Anarchist Leon Czolgosz shoots President William McKinley twice in the abdomen Czolgosz turned to anarchism after he lost his job during the Panic of 1893, an economic depression that lasted 4 years. Czolgosz believed McKinley was a symbol of a corrupt government and it was his duty as an… Continue reading Assassination of William McKinley

Massacres/Mass Murder · New Jersey

Man kills neighbors after gate stolen

September 6, 1949 Camden, New Jersey Howard Unruh began a "Walk of Death" in which he shot at his neighbors while he leisurely walked down the street, killing 13 and wounding 3 Unruh became paranoid of his neighbors and kept a diary of all the things he believed they said against him. Next to some… Continue reading Man kills neighbors after gate stolen