September 4, 1986
Missoula, Montana
Wayne Nance dies of his injuries following a failed home invasion and murder attempt

Nance had apparently become obsessed with one of his co-workers, a woman named Kris Wells. He visited Wells’ home under the false pretense that he had lost an item and needed to borrow a flashlight. Doug Wells agreed and went into the home. Nance struck Doug, knocking him unconscious. Kris heard the commotion and investigated. Nance forced Kris at gunpoint to tie up her husband then made her go into an upstairs bedroom where he tied her to the bed.

Nance dragged Doug into the basement, bound him to a post, and stabbed him in the chest, which he likely assumed had been fatal. Nance went into the bedroom where he found Kris had freed a hand and was attempting to call emergency services. He restrained her again and reportedly went between the basement and bedroom several times to check in Doug. During his final trip he found Doug in the living room rather than the basement. Doug was also armed with a rifle. Doug managed to shoot Nance in the side with the rifle as well as hit him over the head hard enough to break the rifle’s stock. Nance drew a .22-caliber pistol and shot Doug in the leg. The men continued to struggle until the fight ended with 2 more shots from the .22: one hit the ceiling, the other striking Nance in the head.

During the home invasion investigation authorities noticed a similarity between the bind-and-slash method Nance employed and the previously unsolved murder of Donna Pounds. A search of Nance’s home uncovered stolen property belonging to Michael and Theresa Hook, victims of a double-homicide in 1985, as well as hair matching the DNA of a Jane Doe whose body was discovered in December of 1984, suspected to be a young drifter who had been living with Nance for a time and abruptly disappeared in the autumn of 1984. Nance is also suspected in the death of a Seattle runaway whose body was found in 1980, as well as the sexual molestation and stabbing of a 5-year-old in 1974 who survived her attack.

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