September 3, 1998
St. Paul, Minnesota
Khoua Her systematically strangled her 6 children, ages 5 to 11, before attempting suicide

Her had been married at 12 and a mother of 6 by 21. She and her husband, the children’s father, had become estranged and she felt a financial strain to the point she was facing eviction. She fell into a depression and became suicidal. Fearing “if [she] died, no one would love [her] children,” she decided to kill each before attempting to hang herself. Each child was called to her and one by one she strangled them, from oldest to youngest, with a black cloth.

Her then tied a telephone cord around her neck which she attached to a light fixture on the second floor of her home and jumped from the balcony. The light fixture broke after she lost consciousness and Her fell one flight. When she regained consciousness, she called police because she didn’t know what else to do. The bodies of the children were found scattered around the home, still warm but beyond saving.

Her pleaded guilty to the murders and in return was handed a 50 year prison term with parole not being a possibility for at least 33 years.

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