Newspaper clippings · South Dakota

Farmers’ reception drive off President’s son

September 3, 1902 Arlington, South Dakota Citizens opposed to President Teddy Roosevelt gave the President's son a chilly welcome when the younger Roosevelt visited their town to hunt prairie chickens, one going so far as to set his dogs on him. Clipping: The Chicago Daily Tribune, September 4, 1902 Horrific history from today: 1878: Reverend murders… Continue reading Farmers’ reception drive off President’s son

Female Killers · Minnesota

Mother strangles 6 children before attempting suicide

September 3, 1998 St. Paul, Minnesota Khoua Her systematically strangled her 6 children, ages 5 to 11, before attempting suicide Her had been married at 12 and a mother of 6 by 21. She and her husband, the children's father, had become estranged and she felt a financial strain to the point she was facing… Continue reading Mother strangles 6 children before attempting suicide


Reverend murders his mistress

September 3, 1878 Rockland, Connecticut Rev. H. H. Hayden provides his mistress with a drink containing enough arsenic to kill 25 people, then knocks her unconscious with a rock and slices her throats when she begins screaming, because he believed he had impregnated her Rev. Hayden was a married man with children when he began… Continue reading Reverend murders his mistress

Disasters · Ohio

Crash of the Shenandoah 

September 3, 1925 Caldwell, Ohio  The USS Shenandoah ZR-1 crashes in a field The Shenandoah had been on its 57th flight when it ran into turbulent winds and was torn apart. Fourteen crew members were killed while 29 survived the crash. The wreckage soon attracted souvenir-seekers who took pieces of the dirigible, and an entrepreneurial… Continue reading Crash of the Shenandoah