September 2, 1938
Parkie Denny is executed for the murder of his wife, Ethel Yates Denny

On September 14, 1936, Denny reportedly murdered his wife by bludgeoning her with a hammer because “I got tired of her slapping me.” After the murder he dragged her body into a sugar cane field where he used his pocket knife to cut off her head, left arm, and right hand. He then scattered the body parts and left. A farmer taking a shortcut through the field found her nude torso on September 18. Around 3 days later, another farmer found the remainder of Ethel’s body parts.

After his arrest, Denny made a full confession including detailed facts of the murder and gave detectives incriminating evidence against himself. He was executed in the electric chair just under 2 years after his wife’s murder.

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