Famous Last Words
King Louis XIV
Versailles, France
September 1, 1715

“Why weep you? Did you think I should live for ever? I thought dying would be harder.”

Louis, the “Sun King,” ascended the throne at the age of just 4 years old. Custom dictated the Queen should reign, but Louis XIII had little faith in a Queen Anne’s political abilities and, sensing his end fast approaching, instructed his son to be King with a regency counsel (headed by Queen Anne) to rule on behalf of Louis XIV until he reached a proper age to rule by himself. He was coronated at 15 and gained absolute control over France 7 years later when his chief minister, Cardinal Jules Mazarin, died.

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1994: Child murdered by teens (2017)
1986: Four people burned alive, a fifth raped and strangled during robbery (2018)

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Today in Horror History: September 1

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