September 1, 1994
Chicago, Illinois
Robert “Yummy” Sandifer is murdered by members of his own gang

Sandifer, nicknamed “Yummy” because of his love for cookies, had been ordered by his gang to carry out a hit. On August 28, he used a 9mm semiautomatic pistol, firing into a group of youths and fled the scene. Several were injured and one, Shavon Dean (14) died as a result of her wounds.

Sandifer was hiding from police when, on August 31, two members of his gang, the Black Disciples, met up with him. The 2 members were brothers, Cragg and Derrick Hardaway, ages 16 and 14 respectively. They convinced Sandifer they were sent by the gang to bring him to a safe location. Instead, he was taken to an underpass. He was forced to get on his knees and was shot in the back of the head. Shortly after midnight on September 1, his body was discovered facedown in a pool of blood, 3 spent casings resting near his body.

The brothers testified the reason they believed they were ordered to execute Sandifer was out of fear he may give police inside information should he be arrested. Although others were involved in the murder, only the Hardaway brothers were arrested. Craig received a sentence of 60 years for murder and Derrick received 45 for driving the getaway car.

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