August 31, 2010
Dallas, Oregon
The bodies of David Scott Jondle and Marilyn Jondle are found after they were murdered by their son Andrew at the behest of his girlfriend

Andrew (20) had started seeing Cindy Lou Beck (46) a month before the murders; his parents strongly disapproved of their relationship. The couple moved in together and Beck began to manipulate Andrew by convincing him she could channel the spirits of animals and trees (Andrew’s defense attorney claimed he was a “simple kid” with the mental capacity of a 12-year-old).

Beck was afraid the couple would be evicted from their apartment when money became tight, an issue that was further exacerbated as Beck was trying to prove to child protective services that she was able to provide stable housing for her children to get them back from state custody. Together, Beck and Andrew conceived a plan to murder his parents with the hope his inheritance would financially support the pair.

In the late evening of August 30, Andrew lured his father David from the house into the garage where he beat David with a metal pipe and stabbed him with a scythe used on the family farm. Marilyn, hearing the struggle, interrupted the attack and tried to flee but Andrew caught up with her and beat her to death with the pipe. He tried to stage the scene to look like a home invasion and went to his apartment where Beck helped him throw away his bloodied clothing.

On August 31, the bodies of David and Marilyn were discovered. Police investigating the murders found a credit card belonging to David in the apartment Andrew and Beck shared and the two were arrested.

Andrew showed remorse during his arrest, trial, and sentencing, often seen wiping the tears from his eyes. He was given a life sentence though could be considered for release after 50 years. Beck received a lesser sentence because she did not physically murder the Jondles, and was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

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One thought on “Manipulated to murder by animal spirits

  1. Beck should have gotten life in prison. :/ What a dangerous individual, I think she will always continue to manipulate people for the rest of her life.


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