Famous Last Words
Alton Waye
August 30, 1989

“I would express what is about to take place is a murder. I don’t hate anyone. I forgive everyone involved.”

Waye was convicted of the 1977 rape and murder of a 61-year-old woman. The woman had been beaten until she was no longer recognizable, stabbed 42 times with a butcher knife, placed naked in her bath tub, and drenched with liquid bleach (likely to destroy evidence). A man claiming to be Waye called police and confessed to killing the woman.

Waye’s guilt has been disputed as he would not have been a suspect without the phone confession as he was unconnected to the crime, his cousin Len Gooden was a key witness against him, semen at the scene could implicate either Waye or Gooden, Gooden was later convicted of a violent rape, and Gooden was a suspect in a series of violent rapes in the area which stopped once Gooden was in jail.

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1936: Elderly woman murdered by teen (2017)
2005: Infant dies after being put in microwave (2017)
2000: Man executed for murder of 3 during a robbery gone wrong (2018)

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One thought on “FLW — Wrongfully executed?

  1. I’m still wondering why some believe that it is unrealistic to believe that the United States has executed an innocent person. Alton Waye was very likely innocent. There are dozens of others just in the past 40 years who were very likely innocent, or at least not guilty of first-degree murder.


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