Published in the Chicago Daily Tribune
August 30, 1936
Chicago, Illinois
An elderly woman is beaten with a hammer and strangled with a wire for $8 in jewelry

Agnes Roffeis was attacked in her home with a hammer and a wire. She was hit so hard with the tack hammer that the handle broke. $8 (approx. $140 in today’s economy) worth of jewelry stolen from her during the attack.

Several witnesses came forward claiming 15-year-old former choir singer and “perfume-using schoolboy” Roland Munroe (sometimes misspelled as Monroe) was in Roffeis’ home. During trial, Munroe unsuccessfully attempted an insanity defense, claimed self-defense (he said Roffeis “made certain advances to him”), and stated his motive was robbery after Roffeis showed him a handful of costume jewelry. He was found guilty and sentenced to 199 years in penitentiary.

Other sources:
Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light (Corsicana, TX) October 30, 1936
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The Decatur Herald (Decatur, IL) October 21, 1936
The Chicago Sunday Tribune (Chicago, IL) October 25, 1936

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