August 29, 2007
Oberollendorf, Rhine-Sieg district, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Zdenek Hrbac (25, left) rapes and murders Hannah (last name withdrawn, 14, right)

Hrbac, when questioned by police, claimed he was homosexual and wanted to experience sexual relations with a woman. He grabbed Hannah, bound and gagged her, brought her into an empty bus, sexually assaulted her, panicked, stabbed her outside the bus where she bled to death, then hid her body in a ditch.

Hrbac was arrested in September 2007. DNA evidence from saliva on Hannah’s body conclusively linked Hrbac to the crime and he was sentenced to life in prison. In German law, those sentenced to life may be given a chance at parole after serving 15 years if they exhibit good behavior. The judge presiding over Hrbac’s trial determined the crime was so brutal he preemptively denied Hrbac a chance at an early release and will serve a full life term.

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