August 28, 2006
Fairfield, Connecticut
Jonathan Edington (pictured) stabs his neighbor Barry James 13 times in the heart, chest, and hand after being told James had molested Edington’s 2-year-old daughter

Edington’s wife, Christina, informed him their 2-year-old complained to Christina James had repeatedly molested her. Christina immediately told Edington of this, and within minutes he went to James’ house to confront and murder him.

During trial, no evidence of molestation had occurred either to the Edington toddler or anyone else. It was also noted by investigators that Christina refused to cooperate in the murder investigation, and during trial a psychiatrist testified she suffered from postpartum depression.

Edington pleaded guilty to manslaughter for a reduced sentence and is currently serving a 12-year sentence after which he will be on probation for another 5.

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