August 28, 1963
New York City, New York
Emily Hoffert and Janice Wylie are stabbed to death in their apartment

The women were stabbed and slashed over 60 times with knives from their own kitchen and their apartment ransacked.

During the investigation, George Whitmore, Jr. was brought in for questioning as a suspect. He eventually provided a 61-page confession about the Hoffert-Wylie murder as well as an unrelated murder and an assault. However, after two years in prison it came to light that Whitmore’s confession came after investigators beat a confession from him and the circumstantial evidence against him was unreliable at best.

In 1964, another man arrested for the murder of a rival drug dealer offered to provide information on the real killer of the Hoffert-Wylie case. Given a wired microphone, he coerced a confession from Richard Robles who provided enough details investigators were satisfied Robles was the real killer. Robles was convicted and given a life sentence while Whitmore was released.

The treatment of Whitmore by investigators led in part to the establishment of the Miranda rights, used as an example of police misconduct in the 1966 case of Miranda v. Arizona.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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