Crime Scene Photography · New York

Career Girls Murders

August 28, 1963 New York City, New York Emily Hoffert and Janice Wylie are stabbed to death in their apartment The women were stabbed and slashed over 60 times with knives from their own kitchen and their apartment ransacked. During the investigation, George Whitmore, Jr. was brought in for questioning as a suspect. He eventually… Continue reading Career Girls Murders

California · Crime Scene Photography

2 dead after mob hit

August 28, 1933 Los Angeles, California The only information accompanying this photo explains the murders were from a mob hit. Horrific history from today: 1926: Man dies of wounds following gun attack (2017) 1929: Explosion kills family (2017) 1955: Emmett Till, face of 1950s racism (2017) 1963: Career Girl Murders (2017) 1997: While he lived… Continue reading 2 dead after mob hit


Man stabbed to death under false allegations of child molestation

August 28, 2006 Fairfield, Connecticut Jonathan Edington (pictured) stabs his neighbor Barry James 13 times in the heart, chest, and hand after being told James had molested Edington's 2-year-old daughter Edington's wife, Christina, informed him their 2-year-old complained to Christina James had repeatedly molested her. Christina immediately told Edington of this, and within minutes he… Continue reading Man stabbed to death under false allegations of child molestation

Mississippi · Racially Motivated

Emmett Till, face of 1950s racism

August 28, 1955 Money, Mississippi Emmett Till (14) is beaten, shot, and thrown into a river for allegedly sexually harassing a white grocery store clerk Please be advised, this article contains the use of an uncensored racial slur and graphic images of a deceased child. Till, who was from Chicago, had been visiting family in… Continue reading Emmett Till, face of 1950s racism