August 24, 1349
Cologne, Germany
Approximately 6,000 Jews accused of bringing the Black Death to the area and are burned at the stake

On the night of Saint Bartholomew, the pogrom later called the “Slaughter of the Jews” took place. A riotous mob entered the Jewish quarter intent on eradicating who, they thought, brought the Bubonic Plague to the city. According to some reports, the Jews were told to renounce their faith and confronted with forced Baptism. Some not willing to convert elected to lock themselves within their synagogue or houses which they then burned down. Others were killed at the stake by rioters while a small group was able to escape the massacre. After the deaths of the Jews, the frenzy continued as the rioters clamored over the property left behind, forcing the Church to step in to fairly divide the spoils.

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