August 24, 2010
San Fernando, Tamaulipas, Mexico
The Los Zetas drug cartel kidnap 75 people illegally entering countries in South and Central America making their way to the United States, before shooting them; all but 3 are killed

The massacre occurred in San Fernando, Tamaulipas, Mexico, and would not have been discovered as quickly as it had without one survivor faking his death after being shot in the neck, then walking nearly 14 miles to bring authorities to the location.

Of the 72 killed, 58 were men and 14 women, some of whom were reportedly pregnant. The massacre came about when the Los Zetas demanded a ransom for the captives. When they were unable to pay, they were told they could instead work for the Los Zetas as hitmen, which would earn them their lives as well as $1000 USD every 15 days. The victims resisted and were shot down.

By 2011, 81 members of the Los Zetas had been arrested in connection to the massacre, but to date none have been sentenced.

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